• SC94194-The-Breeze-HuaHin-a-quiet-and-beautiful-condominium-on-Khao-Takiab-beach-pool-view_008
  • SC94194-The-Breeze-HuaHin-a-quiet-and-beautiful-condominium-on-Khao-Takiab-beach-pool-view_018
  • SC94194-The-Breeze-HuaHin-a-quiet-and-beautiful-condominium-on-Khao-Takiab-beach-pool-view_017
  • SC94194-The-Breeze-HuaHin-a-quiet-and-beautiful-condominium-on-Khao-Takiab-beach-pool-view_003
  • SC94194-The-Breeze-HuaHin-a-quiet-and-beautiful-condominium-on-Khao-Takiab-beach-pool-view_001
  • SC94194-The-Breeze-HuaHin-a-quiet-and-beautiful-condominium-on-Khao-Takiab-beach-pool-view_005
  • SC94194-The-Breeze-HuaHin-a-quiet-and-beautiful-condominium-on-Khao-Takiab-beach-pool-view_007
  • SC94194-The-Breeze-HuaHin-a-quiet-and-beautiful-condominium-on-Khao-Takiab-beach-pool-view_009
  • SC94194-The-Breeze-HuaHin-a-quiet-and-beautiful-condominium-on-Khao-Takiab-beach-pool-view_014
  • SC94194-The-Breeze-HuaHin-a-quiet-and-beautiful-condominium-on-Khao-Takiab-beach-pool-view_016
  • SC94194-The-Breeze-HuaHin-a-quiet-and-beautiful-condominium-on-Khao-Takiab-beach-pool-view_012
  • SC94195-The-Breeze-HuaHin-a-quiet-and-beautiful-condominium-on-Khao-Takiab-beach-garden-view_011
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  • SC94194-The-Breeze-HuaHin-a-quiet-and-beautiful-condominium-on-Khao-Takiab-beach-pool-view_008
SC94194 The Breeze Hua Hin condominium, Pool view from balcony, peaceful and beautiful Khao Takiab beach.
For Sale ฿4,900,000 THB. - 2. Condo
SC94194 58 Sqm. 1 Bedroom 1 Bathroom 2 Floor.

SC94194 : The Breeze Hua Hin condominium, Pool view from balcony, peaceful and beautiful Khao Takiab beach.

The condominium is decorated with various trees create a shady atmosphere suitable for living. It consists of a bedroom with a private bathroom. The unit is contemporary furniture, but still has a modern make the unit not look boring. Just a few steps close to the swimming pool. Swimming pool view. Along with a variety of facilities such as large swimming pools. Fitness room , children’s playroom, 24-hour security, covered parking and key card system.

Nearby places:
Big Khiang Department Store – 3.6 km. from the condo (8 minutes drive).
Hua Hin Market Village – 5.7 km. (13 minutes drive)
Villa Market (Hua Hin) – 6.4 km. (14 minutes drive)
Hua Hin Colonnade Mall – 6.9 km. (19 minutes drive)
Sailom Pavilion Hua Hin – 7 km. (17 minutes drive)
Bangkok Hospital Hua Hin It is the nearest hospital which is located 5.2 kilometers from the condominium.

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