Hua Hin Property: Why are the best views and beach side condos mostly located in old buildings?

When new beach side condo projects are launched today, there is only a handful of units with a real sea view. Most units are tucked away with a view over the small pool area from the small balcony at best. And then you look at the old buildings dating back 25 years or more and the locations are amazing, right on the beach, amazing views, very large common areas and balconies are sized to live on. There is 2 major reasons why it is like this: in that time the price of beachfront land was much lower so they could use more land for common areas and make bigger units, and also the building regulations were more generous. These the days the available to land to build on is narrower, more expensive and regulations are tighter (i.e. lower buildings = less units).

Hua Hin Beach Soi 77

So when they plan for a new Condo building today they cannot build a real structure closer than 40 meters from the beach border wall, so here they locate garden and the small pool area, then 40 meters from the beach they can only build 4 stories all the way back to 200 meters, border where they can build 7 or 8 stories building depend on the height of the ceilings. So even if you buy a unit in a old building on the 6th floor with Sea View and there is a empty plot next door your view can never be taken away by a new building coming up, this is important to consider when looking at resale condos in Hua Hin.

These older, taller buildings right on the beach will always keep their value as they are unique and can never be built again. Of course old buildings comes with old facilities, although we find they are very well maintained and regularly upgraded in Hua Hin.

So buy and invest in a condo unit in a old building, renovate and make it look incredible.. you will never lose!

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