Why are so many people moving to Thailand and Hua Hin?

Living with your pets, it’s an easy life here

Why are so many people moving to Thailand and Hua Hin?
I will give you 10 main reasons, not in any specific order.

1. The climate is wonderful, 25-35C and 5c lower in the night, all year around.
2. Safe and clean city, Hua Hin is very safe and violent crimes are very rare.
3. The young digital nomads and kite surfers have found their paradise here.
4. Love, many foreigners find their future spouse/partner here.

Kite Surfer Hua Hin Beach

5. Buying or renting a home, is compared to most places, very inexpensive.
6. Retirement people, staying here are Hua Hins’ best ambassadors.
7. The many golf courses, some of the best in Asia.

Sea Pine Golf Course

8. International hospitals, with amazing service.
9. 5 star senior, 24/7 serviced resorts is growing on demand.
10. Food for every wallet and taste bud. Seafood, street food, food courts and international restaurants all over Hua Hin.

Hua Hin Night Market

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Comunall pool at tropical Garden Village

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