The only thing for sure in Life is that one day we will all die! So if that’s true, how do you prepare? We have followed many families trying to get hold of their rightful inheritance from parents, spouses and siblings. Sometimes we have seen them lost not only their rights but also valuable time and a expensive trip and stay in Thailand, such unnecessary tragic. It does not need to go this way. Even if you did not make a last will there is a Thai law that controls who will inherit after you. Number one, make life easy for those who come after you, so please make a last will that is including All Assets not just your property, if it says all assets its also bankbooks, vehicles insurance etc. This will you need to draft with a real Thai Lawyer. They will keep a copy and you will keep a copy. We have some good lawyers that we can recommend and of course some we would warn you to go to. Feel free to ask us for advice or google the lawyer for revues is recommended. Many of the foreigners in Hua Hin/Cha Am have chosen to let a Thai Company be the owner of their properties and they are the signing director. To make life easy for the thoses you leave behind, just add one or 2 of them as managing directors with the same right to sign as you have. In a normal case one trip to Thailand is needed for thoses who inherit you, its when they need to stand in front of the judge in court and prove that they are who they say they are. If you have any questions feel free to ask. If its a helpful article please share it.