Every corner of The Chanote Land there is Concrete poles with numbers on, these are 100% accurate, sometimes hard to find.

What is a Chanote Title Deed?

Here i will try to explain the title deed we call Chanote, the title with the red Gurada on. There are many different land titles in Thailand but only one is 100% accurate with satellite measured corners and that is the Chanote or as Thai say, Nor Sor Si (4) Jor. There is a title deed under the Chanote with a green gurada, that is called Nor Sor Sam (3) khor, that title is ok but the corners are not 100% exact but you can still buy and sell, mortgage and build on the land and see previous owners and activity on the back side of the title. You can ask to upgrade your green title to a chanote but it can take very long time and in some cases not even happen. So normally the Chanote Land is more expensive than the Nor Sor 3 Kor.

On the first page of the Chanote you find a lot of information, Size, location, plot number, when it was subdevided. and the shape of the plot.

And on the back you can find info of owners, bank mortgage and if the land is leased to someone or under a usufruct,, se link https://huahinproperty94.com/thai-and-foreigner-buying-property-together/

The biggest joy is when your name is on a title deed

When buying a land and the concrete corners are not to be found the land owner needs to make a survey of the land with help from the local Land department, they will find or even replace missing poles. for a normal plot the cost is about 5-10 000THB

Survey is being done sometimes the pole is half a meter down under soil from landfills
With flip flops and a smoke anything can be done in the Kingdom

We always recommend our buyers to buy or lease land on already subdivided tile deeds. Why? Because if you lease with owners rights or buy your land in a Thai Company LTD you can sell to anyone you want, Thai or foreigner.

If you plan to buy land you should use a lawyer and ask them to do a due diligence. If someone has occupied and lived on the land for more than 10 years this can become a problem when you want to transfer the land. That’s why many owners build walls or make strong barbwire fences to keep occupants away from the land.

Check out our land on the website, always new listings. https://huahinproperty94.com/property-search/?status=for-sale&type=land