60 sqm House in Pineapple Village Hua hin

There is a trend that have been going on for a while in the western world and that is smaller homes & compact living. Younger first buyers tend to be more minimalistic and appreciate energy saving features not so much for the monthly cost but for the benefit of our total environment.

This is from earthhava.com Smaller homes are becoming more popular as the generation of ethical living enters the market. Many first-time homebuyers are looking for starter homes listed below the area’s median home cost. The U.S. Census Bureau’s data supports this, as the median size of single-family homes was 4.9 percent smaller in 2018 than it was three years prior. These greener homes with less space are more sustainable than large homes that take more energy to heat and cool. 

In developing countries like Thailand, the Thai buyers want the house to look big and expensive but with a low price tag. This gives the developer only one option, its to use low quality and think very little about energy saving when they build their houses. Low quality means that the house buyer needs to replace material and renovate after just some few years and building hot and humid houses will coz mold and sickness and give the buyer very high cooling bills.. what a waist.

This is different… Baan Sammy is a small smart development just outside Hua Hin on soi 112. Baan Sammy always use the line… Building with The Nature for The future. And as the trend, they are now launching a face 2 with smaller trendy bright homes with energy saving features and all comes with a price tag under 2 mil THB or under 60 000 Eur for a fully equipped 65 Sqm 2 bed 2 bath home. That is amazing. Stay connected for more info. or email robinhhpa94@gmail.com

3D model of the design coming in Baan Sammy