Price of land in and around Hua Hin

Wonderful plot of land in Hin Lek Fai 950 sqm

Buying land plots in and around Hua Hin has been a very good investment during the past years. For an example, I sold 2 different, 1 rai plots in 2015, located close to each other. At that time there were no proper roads, water or electric. The price was 800 000 and 1 mil THB. Today, 7 years later, these plots have more than doubled in price. A one 1800 sqm plot was sold for 900 000 in 2017 and today, after it was subdivided, the same land is now sold for 4 mil THB with an investment on landfill of about 200 000THB.

This is a corner mark on a Chanote title land plot

There are mainly two kinds of title deeds on land that are sold around Hua Hin. you can read about that here

There are many factors that are important to remember when it comes to the price. 1. Future expectations. 2. Distance to town and sea. 3. Views. 4. neighbors/neighborhoods. 5. What kind of title deed, 6. Infrastructure, like water, electric and roads. 6. Location of airports, railway stations and ferry’s.

Hua Hin south is Soi 102 to Soi 156 and further (Pranburi), Hua Hin West is Tap Thai (112) Nong Korn and Hin Lek Fai. And North is Soi Pala U all the way and beyond the Airport.

this plot in Hun Lek fai has increased 100% in 7 years

The closer to Hua Hin Town, the higher price. If you can buy a 1600 Sqm plot (1 Rai) in Tap Tai or Hin Lek Fai 10-15 min drive to Hua Hin, you need to pay about +-2 mil THB. The same sized plot around Hua Hin Soi 94 is 20 mil THB +. If you purchase a 400 Sqm villa plot in Soi 112 to with a Nor Sor 3 kor costs about 800k-1 mil THB, In Khao Thao, South, close to the lake, with Chanote its 2 mil THB+, and in Soi 102 you need at least to pay 4 mil THB. The bigger plot of land you purchase at the same time, the better price you can get on each Rai. Smaller farms, 15 min drive west can still be found for 700-900k/Rai.

Subedvided land

What is best for you, is a mix of many things, budget, desired location, views, distance. Do not hesitate to contact Khun Thita for land viewings. Real Estate like land has and will always be the best and safest investment.

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