Living a Rural Lifestyle in Thailand is trending!

our rescue horse Alex in Nong Plubh

Living a Rural Lifestyle in Thailand is trending.

More people than ever are looking at a life outside the busy cities and walled gated communities. There are many reasons for this but the main reason as I can see it, is the dream of producing your own food without chemicals and pesticides. There is nothing like reaping your own vegetables, picking up the daily fresh eggs and having your vitamin boos from your amazing sun warm coconut.

To invest in a piece of land starts here on our website, we have lots more land for sale but the owners like to keep the secret. This is the right time to find some nice plots and make offers, and in some cases you can take over someone’s hard work and not have to start from scratch..

If you’re not planning to go off-grid you can buy land pretty much anywhere, but if not, we recommend you to be sure about farmland water and electric from the government or municipality. City water has this chloor smell and taste to it but is best to use as human household water. The Farmland water comes with no added chemicals and is good for watering your crops and for your animals. Best is also to combine this water with a pond, not less than 10% of your total land in size, you will always regret that you did not dig a bigger pond. This is a perfect place to make sure you have fish for yourself and your chickens.

More recommendations when you look for land, make sure it’s not a flooding area. If it is active pineapple land, the soil can be dead from overuse of chemicals and its normally very sandy soil, not for growing vegetables. Don’t stay to close to other houses. Make sure you can fence it with mesh so you keep stray dogs out and your dogs inside.

Start simple and add on all the time. This is a lifestyleand lifetime project and comes with few or non-deadlines.

There are loads of Facebook groups from farangs living of the land here in Thailand, Join some groups, make friends, go and visit and learn from others mistakes..

Simple smart houseing

Here is some benefits, living on the land compared to living in town.

  1. Privacy, the more the better.
  2. Distance to neighbours, makes nature come closer with all nature sounds and you don’t need to listen to your neighbours moving the lawn.
  3. Clear sky in the night, you can lay on your back, and maybe see a falling star.
  4. Unlimited amount of pets, if you want a buffalo, hey its yours.
  5. No stress, if you want it or not the city life is stressful and noisy.
  6. No need for the gym, there is work to be done always, but it is at your pace and choice. Live free and get a farmer tan and body.
  7. Its Healthy, the smell of soil has proven health benefits and keeps you calm, the vegetables, meat and eggs with no added poison.

If you have questions about title deeds, how to buy this kind of land with a Thai partner or any other questions they are here on the website under INFO.

To have your private pond is a blessing, here you can farm some fish and use water for your vegatables.

Call Thita and ask about the best land plot that will fill your needs today. +66  0 806604939. We have the experience.