Sales Guide

Our guide is divided into “before”, “during” and “after”, we inform briefly about the most important steps when you are considering selling your Thai property. Deciding to sell your home is a big decision and we hope and believe that we can do a good job and get the right price for your property.  


– A free evaluation

To evaluate your home and get an estimated current sales price is a good start, even if you are not sure if you want to sell right now.

We are offering you a free evaluation of your property. We value your home and talk about what price we estimate you can sell your property for. There are several factors that come into calculation that affect the value of your home. Its location, attractiveness of the area, the house’s condition, the title deed and ownership looks like and how it looks on the market right now. We tell you more about this when we meet.

-House Documents.

When we meet at your place we would like to see your “House documents” preferably in the original, see list further down in this article. We always want to see a Title deed both sides **,The blue book***, a building permit, (not condos) **** and a sale contract from the land office ***** we also hope to see other documents such as drawings, old purchase contract. If you are you missing any documents we can help to obtain them for a reasonable cost?

-Before taking photos

If you choose to work with us we would like to take photos. Remember to present your property in the best condition. Take the opportunity to clear as much as possible before the photos are taken. Cut the grass, clean the bushes. Pull up the blinds, put the lights on. Hide all loose dish rack, machinery, soap dishes, shower, empty the pool area of swim toys and have no towels to dry. Normally it is the most beautiful skies in the morning, when to take pictures.

-Broker Agreement

When we meet, we usually bring a broker Agreement, it applies until one of Parts choose to terminate it. Normally we are not exclusive, so you can sell yourself or use another broker to sell. Our agreement also applies to other affiliates who work in the cooperation agreement.



We make Buyers and sellers find each other, that’s our job! And today there are many fruitful channels, especially on the Internet, but also in printed form where people are watching. We market your property in the best way and place the housing ads where we know that the right buyer looking. We select and promote your property on the relevant markets and on our own website Besides that, we also match with our customer, to reach the right buyers. Our location on Soi 94 is very good and draws many walk-in customers. But last and not least, good will, that’s the best advert, people recommending us as they liked our service.


In Thailand, the customer usually do not have a car, so we pick up at a hotel and drive around a customer perhaps a whole day and shows the objects they already asked to see or who we think would fit them.

Our brokers have experience of screening the buyer and to determine whether the potential buyers are really interested. He or she knows what questions require answers to a display and how best to handle them. Our task is to make the viewing so good that no one leaves the place with an unanswered question or a doubtful impression. Here there are many small details to consider, and that is exactly what we do. We prefer to show the property without the owner’s around. We will inform the buyer if possible problems of the property and possible known plans for the area. If the buyer is unsure of the house and its construction we can recommend  a  inspector to conduct an inspection but only after a deposit has been paid.

-Keys                                                                                                                                        We like to have a set of keys here in our office. It has been proven over and over again that, kind neighbors, maids and management companies fail to open and we miss an opportunity to show and sell. If you can not trust us with keys why would you trust us to sell your house.


A deposit is usually around 200 000THB if we make transfers within one month, if it would take more time and we will discuss it and maybe ask for a higher deposits.

Should there be any problems with the title deeds and documents or the buyer gets very sick so they cannot recover, we will pay back their deposit in full. After a deposit we take the house off the market and mark it as sold. Once the deposit is paid, we usually already have determined the date for the transfer of residence normally in 30 days.. We keep the deposit in our account until the purchase is complete. Should the customer withdraw from the sale we share the deposit at 50/50% with you.


We recommend buyers to use a legal representative, and even pay for the contract, if not we draft these standard contracts oursel. If you cannot not join for signing, you can let someone act for yourself by proxy (PoA), this is very common. If the buyer or seller is in his/her home country, they have to let a Notary Publics, witness one’s signature. In the contract you will usually attach an inventory list what is included when you sell houses with entire household goods.



Transfer. If the house and land are registered to the same person or business, you can sell the property on the same day, if the house and land have to different owners, you have to start to “advertise” the house for 30 days before the transfer. That’s why we want to see all the property documents before so we do not experience surprises. Before transfer, we will go to the Land Office and ask how much it will cost in taxes and fees for transfer. Many of our customers do not want to take over the existing company if there is one, then we can sell the property out of the company. If you sell your property and not the company we will help you to execute your company and that will take about 3 months, Normally all fees and taxes at the land office is charged between buyers and sellers 50/50%.


Normally the money goes from an account or by check on the day of the transfer, sometimes you can pay directly between buyer’s o seller’s accounts in another country. What one must do is to ensure that there is money in cash for fees at the Land offices and our sales expenses here in Thailand.

-Sending Money “Home”

We can help you to send money to your country, it is usually easy, cheap and convenient, but expect that it may take a week or two. We charge 1000THB for every Million THB if we do the paper work. We use Bangkok Bank and it is recommended to open a privet account in this bank before we sell.

 –Terminate Subscriptions.

We help with the clearance of the different subscriptions and direct debits, renaming of electricity o water meter etc. We are famous for our After-sales-service.


Ask us please.

 Important documents *

                   ** Title deed both sides 


                                              *** Blue Book                                   

Blue Book, proves that your house has an address, nothing about ownership

**** Building permits, (not condo)   ***** purchasing contract from Land Office

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