Gardening & Sustainable Living in Thailand, the joy of a Compost!

If you are living most of year in the Tropics and you have a plot big or small, do like me, turn it into an eatable paradise.

Under this topic Gardening & Sustainable Living I will add on tips, dreams, photos and stories. It’s time for you to take control over your garden, the soil, the waist, the water and get some dirt under your pretty nails. A good Start is to Stop immediately with any kind of poison or chemicals, there is natural supliments. And don’t let your gardener drive your garden waist to some isolated Soi and let it burn or rotten, or fill the bin and let the city drive it to a dump far away. That’s why I will tell you the secret to all gardening and that is a healthy COMPOST.

Thita, Rollie born 2012 and a White Leghorn Rooster we just purchased, this is from 2016


I see every day how garden waste, like cut grass, branches, leaves are loaded onto trucks and leaving the houses and gardens where it’s supposed to work for you. Later, the same gardener truck delivers low quality soil bags, 5 pcs for 100 THB including plastic bags. Why are we humans so stupid….

If I can not mix it with old soil I will let it sunburn for a week, its very powerful soil.

This is what wikipedia says about Compost…

Compost is a mixture of ingredients used to fertilize and improve the soil. It is commonly prepared by decomposing plant and food waste and recycling organic materials. The resulting mixture is rich in plant nutrients and beneficial organisms, such as worms and fungal mycelium.Wikipedia

Build your own compost. There is not one way to do this, it also depending on the size of your plot and amount of waste. You will find out how it works if you follow my simple advice. Here in Thailand there is perfect conditions all year around to have a smell free and fantastic compost giving you fertilized soil every month.. A compost needs soil under it as you want natural worms to be a part of the process, you need air, and you need water. Soo clear an area, preferable shaded. If you have a big garden, there is no need for walls but if your space is limited, you can use a Blue 200 liter container or just make a tube of chicken net, make sure there is space under so you can get your shovel in and harvest the black gold. The compost needs air, if not, it will rotten and smell and the microscopic small organisms will not be happy and not nurture the compost. I fix this by adding on different layers, if it’s to much grass, that is very compact, I will cut branches so there is room for air. Don’t over water your compost, just keep it moisturized all the time, I water the compost same time as my lawn, every second day in the dry season. You need to feed your compost daily to make it most effective, not too much at a time, if you have lots of waste, add on little by little. My garden in Hua Hin town is not that big, still I can harvest about 2 big buckets a month. Black, fat, soil, full o nutrition, no chemicals, no poison, and tons of worms to feed my Backyard Chickens with. I will tell you about these girls later. Because I am a freak and hate to throw garbage in the bin, I compost all my green kitchen waist, coffe, tea bags etc. The Things my chickens or Dogs don’t eat goes on the compost. If you care about your Compost, it will give you so much joy… To be continued.