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SL94091 Fruit Farm Organic Orchard with a partly built house, lots of potential, drip watering system, in Pranburi
For Sale ฿5,900,000 THB. - 3. Land
SL94091 11712 Sqm. 3 Bedrooms 1 Bathroom 7 Rai

Fruit Farm Organic Orchard with a partly built house, lots of potential, drip watering system, in Pranburi

If you want to get away from the crowds, mind your own business and live of the land, growing organic without poison and chemicals, this is your place. Many kinds of mature pomegranate trees, many kind of mature wine, red and white grapes, already carrying fruit, mangos, coconuts, banana, plenty of construction Bamboo ready to harvest, 1 rai pond with loads of fish, one harvest gives around 40 000THB. Perfect place for ducks or goose to keep the area clean from grass and insects. Basic bungalow that needs to be completed, est 60% finished, 3 bedroom, all material is there, electric and pipes connected, needs around 300k to complete. The farm is connected with a drip watering system that ads in organic fertilizer. Clean Klong/Canal water all year around from Pranburi dam, the farm is located 8 km west drive from Toyota in Pranburi on the road to Pranburi dam. Take over someone’s dream when all things start to carry fruit, farang owner. Sold du to relocation to Katchanaburi.

Agent Thita Wichaikool (Director)

Thita Coster Hua Hin Property 94

Very welcome to our nice office on Soi 94, I am the manager here and I hope to see you…
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Thita Coster Hua Hin Property 94

Thita Wichaikool (Director)