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SH94536: Pool Villa for Sale, Bungalow Style, Freehold, Quiet and High Privacy.
For Sale ฿4,790,000 THB. - 1. House, 5. Business
SH94536 120 Sqm. 4 Bedrooms 2 Bathrooms 400 Sqm.

SH94536: Pool Villa for Sale, Bungalow Style, Freehold, Quiet and High Privacy.

About the property:
The villa is located in the Hin Lek Fai area. There are 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, living room, European kitchen, and a private swimming pool. The owner also built a Thai kitchen beside the house which is very convenient and you will not get the food smell inside the house.
This project has a special design for the air flow under the house, the developer has lifted the foundation, easy to maintain and service. Able to see the water pipeline system. For the common area, 6-meter wide road, swimming pool, garden, BBQ area, and 24-hour security. Lastly, the common fee is 20,000 THB. per year.

About the location:
Black Mountain Golf Court 6.5 KM
Trex Sport Club 2.3 KM
Hua Hin Beach 7.4 KM
Market Village 9.1 KM

Agent Thita Wichaikool (Director)

Thita Coster Hua Hin Property 94

Very welcome to our nice office on Soi 94, I am the manager here and I hope to see you…
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Thita Coster Hua Hin Property 94

Thita Wichaikool (Director)