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SH94300 **Reduced 900k THB. **Luxury town house located between the Hua Hin Petchkasem and the beach
Sold ฿4,990,000 THB. - 1. House
SH94300 200 Sqm. 3 Bedrooms 4 Bathrooms

Luxury town house located between the Hua Hin Petchkasem and the beach

If you need a convenient located home in town but still want peace and quiet, this is your house. 3 floor, nice views, just 300 meter walk to the beach, lots and lots of restaurants, coffee shops and service in the area, let us show you this property today.

Agent Thita Wichakool (Director)

Thita Coster Hua Hin Property 94

Very welcome to our nice office on Soi 94, I am the manager here and I hope to see you…
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Thita Coster Hua Hin Property 94

Thita Wichakool (Director)