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  • blue lagon
SC94170 Blue Lagoon amazing condo with a gigantic pool and nice views from the large covered terrace
For Sale ฿8,900,000 THB. - 2. Condo
SC94170 150 Sqm. 2 Bedrooms 2 Bathrooms 2 Floor.

Blue Lagoon amazing condo with a gigantic pool and nice views from the large covered terrace

Blue Lagoon North side is a very nice condominium with 3 story buildings with six units in each. Close to Hua Hin Airport, Palm Hills Golf, lots of great restaurants in the area,, and the Sheraton is just next door. The units on the second floor comes with a very spacious covered terrace. Large rooms with pool view, a fully equipped kitchen. Perfect Condo for residential living, rental investment or just a fantastic holiday home. . Lets us show you today

Agent Thita Wichaikool (Director)

Thita Coster Hua Hin Property 94

Very welcome to our nice office on Soi 94, I am the manager here and I hope to see you…
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Thita Coster Hua Hin Property 94

Thita Wichaikool (Director)